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Prof. Sven H. Steinmo


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Curriculum Vitae

Professor Sven Steinmo is currently Research Professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford University and an Honorary Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.  He received his B.A. from the University of California Santa Cruz and his M.A., M.P.H. and Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley. He has been Visiting Professor at the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Tokyo, Visiting Lecturer at Sciences Po, University of Bordeaux, Visiting Scholar at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne and Visiting Scientist at the University of Gothenburg.

His major teaching and research interests are in the areas of Institutional Theory, comparative public policy and comparative historical analysis. He is perhaps best known for his work in institutional theory, having been one of the founders of the sub-field of Historical Institutionalism. His book with Kathleen Thelen, “Structuring Politics: Historical Institutionalism and Comparative Analysis is widely considered to be one of the defining statements in this area of research.

In addition to his contribution to institutional theory, Steinmo has published in a number of policy fields including fiscal policy, tax policy, health policy, education policy, and pension policy.

Professor Steinmo’s contribution and work have been widely recognized. He has received a number of internationally recognized fellowships and awards including: The Gabriel Almond Award for the Best Dissertation in Comparative Politicsthe Riker Award for the Best Book in Political Economythe German Marshall Fund Senior Research Fellowshipthe Abe Fellowhip and the STINT Scientist Award.

Professor Steinmo’s most recent book, “The Evolution of Modern States: Sweden, Japan and the United States breaks new ground by bringing evolutionary theories developed in linguistics, anthropology, biology and economics into the study of social and political institutions. It was honored with the Gunnar Myrdal Prize for the best book published in 2010, by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.

In 2012, Steinmo was also awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant (2012-2017) in support of his project “Willing to Pay? Testing Institutionalist Theory with Experiments“.


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