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We are delighted to announce the open access publication of Professor Steinmo’s latest edited book “The Leap of Faith” available for download here


Article on The Washington Post: ‘Trump’s tax proposals are wildly out of sync with what most Americans would do, our new study shows’


Article in the local: ‘Honest’ Swedes as likely to fudge taxes as crafty Italians 


Article in the blog of Frontiers of Psychology and EurekAlert: Swedes or Italians: Who is More Likely to Cheat on Their Taxes?


Review European Commission CORDIS, 20 April 2016: EU-funded project tests Italians and Swedes on tax compliance 


Friday 15 April 2016: Interview with Sven Steinmo on CBC Radio /  The Current


Are Some Countries More Honest than Others? Evidence from a Tax Compliance Experiment in Sweden and Italy

Article in Frontiers of Psychology

In a #TaxEvasion study, researchers reveal different cultural “styles” in ordinary #Dishonesty, between 2 countries…

Pubblicato da Frontiers su Venerdì 8 aprile 2016



 Past Events

“History, Experiments and Tax Compliance” Robert Schuman Centre Conference, 11 – 13 May 2016, European University Institute, Florence


Conference Material (restricted access)

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“The Leap of Faith: the Historical  and Institutional Roots of Tax Compliance” – Robert Schuman Centre Workshop, October 8 – 10, 2015, European University Institute, Florence

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